Namib Insider! offers commentary, critique, news and original writing on the Namibian film, theatre and music industry.

Namib Insider! was founded in June 2018 by journalist, theatremaker and cinephile Donald ‘Zuleit’ Matthys with the aim of bringing news and information on the best film and theatre works in Namibian onto one platform. The website has grown since and strives to continue making access to relevant news and information easier for fellow film and theatre enthusiasts.

Contributing To Namib Insider!

Namib Insider! regularly features content by other writers and enthusiasts by giving them space to air their opinions on a work of theatre/film/music or their general view on Namibia’s theatre, film and music industry. At the current moment, contributors are not paid, however, in the future, we would look into paying contributors for their work.

Columns/Opinion pieces are very much welcome and will be published under the ‘Blog’ section.

Please send your contributions to namibinsider@yahoo.com

*Publishing of contributed content is not guaranteed.

Rating System

Namib Insider! regularly carries reviews of Namibian films and theatre productions. In film we mostly critique quality short, feature and documentary films. In theatre critique any quality work.

All short films, feature and documentary films and theatre productions get a star rating. Here’s what the star rating system for Namib Insider! means:

★★★★★ Memorable Achievement/Pure Perfection

★★★★Exceptional /Well-Crafted Work

★★★ Fair/Flawed But Worthy

★★ Uninteresting/Forgettable

★Failure/Notably Flawed

*Ratings are based on the specific author’s taste and how they receive the film or work of theatre. The rating system is not in place to discourage seeing a film or theatre piece because here we love film and theatre and we want everyone to enjoy the craft as much as we do!


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