Song Night May Identity Show Wows

The second 2019 edition of Song Night was held at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek on 29 May and has once again retained its spot as one of Namibia’s groundbreaking music events of all time..

The art of singing live, without any backtracks, comes with the possibility of risk. For Song Night, that doesn’t seem to be a problem as the amazing voices of Song Nighters kept the audience thrilled and grooving. The Song Night May Identity shows saw Bradley Anthony The Falsetto King and Ethnix, some of the well known acts in the local music scene, grace the stage.


Alvara at Song Night May Identity Show (Image: Lize Ehlers)

The evening also saw the launch of Alvara, with her debut album titled FIN. The 16-year old performed 3 tracks from her Ponti Dikuua-produced album and she sings fine. Her voice is calm and bold, definitely deserving to be a name of notice in the Namibian music scene.

Song Nighters such as Calin, Jedi, JD Januarie, Ori, Faithyblue, Zikizee & Chuma made for a perfect show full of nostalgia. There’s an appealing genuineness to the bond Founder & Director of Song Night, Lize Ehlers has with her prodigies. It was also visible in the way the acts delivered their live performances, showing that they are getting their lessons from Lize, one the very few best live performers in Namibia.


Ziki & BV’s (Image: Lize)

The Song Night Band did justice to the performers as they doubled all over the place on various instruments. It nourishes you. Host of Song Night 2019, Actor Adriano Visagie’s high energy and oddball sense of humor, made for an engaging and entertaining show.


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