From the Director of award-winning feature film ‘Katutura’ comes a new live action short film on rhino poaching and social change.

Soko Köln
Florian Schott

Florian Schott’s new short film, ‘Baxu and the Giants’ is a story of how rhino poaching triggers social change in a village in Damaraland, told through the eyes of an 8 year old girl, Baxu, who is in touch with nature and her own heritage. The name Baxu is short for “!ubaxu”, which means ‘I come from the soil’.

According to Schott, the film highlights poaching and social issues in the surrounding communities. Schott adds that the film comes with a sense of poetry in the imagery; the music and the way the young hero tells her story, taking the audience from a time of hunters and gatherers to modern day.

Damaraland by Florian Schott

“There will be elements of magical realism in the story as there will be dream sequences and parts of the story being narrated by our young hero but the story itself will be told in a very realistic way,” Schott says.

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When the Legal Assistance Center commissioned Andrew Botelle from MaMoKoBo Video & Research to produce a film with the aim of sensitizing teenagers to the issue of poaching in rural Namibia, Schott and his co-writer Girley Jazama took up the opportunity to tell this story from the inside out; through the eyes of an innocent but toughened-by-life girl.

“Through this storytelling device the aim is to reach an audience worldwide and for audiences to understand some of the underlying social issues in rural Namibia that can lead to poaching”