There are many ways of telling a story, one such way is through Visual Narratives. These stories may be told using still photography, illustration, or video, and can be enhanced with graphics, music, voice and other audio.

Understanding that creating an emotional connection with the audience is key to great storytelling, Gondwana Collection has been using the camera to tell stories about Namibia as a country for many years now.

Jescey Visagie, Brand Manager at Gondwana shares how they work closely with an exceptional Windhoek-based film team called Prostudio.

How is an idea for a visual borne?

Inspiration comes from our passion and love for Namibia and her people as well as the preservation of the country’s heritage.

What is your storytelling style?

Our style of storytelling is one that evokes transformation, refreshes souls, and changes perspectives, while simultaneously striving to connect to people in a genuine and unforgettable way.

What skills do you think are most important for visual storytelling?

The most vital skills are; creativity, attention to detail, connecting to people, vibrant imagery, clear sound, suitable music to visuals, clear focal point and accurate information.

What makes a good story, in your opinion?

A good story is one that informs and adds value to other’s lives.

What tips do you have for aspiring visual storytellers?

Photographers, videographers, graphic designers and writers should work together, understand the importance and value of a story. Additionally, it is always about a good story and its aim.

What equipment makes visual storytelling easier and good, at the same time?

The suitable camera equipment, factual information and an excellent script.


Where should aspiring storytellers start with their visual story?

Always start with an idea, determine this idea’s importance, do adequate research and contact the appropriate people for this visual story. Most importantly, be informed about that which is taking place within the world, your country and community, as great stories are often a conversation or click away.

Check out more of Gondwana’s content on YouTube.