Industry bigwigs; Ashwyn Mberi, Adriano Visagie and Odile Gertze are back to vie for the 2018 Simply You Magazine Lifestyle and Fashion awards (SYMLAFA) ‘Favourite Actress/Actor’ awards.

This year, Mberi and Visagie have very talented competition in the form of NSK, while Gertze has Nelago Shilongoh on a close call.

Visagie, Mberi, Denzel Naobeb (NSK) and Pummue Eiseb (The Third Will) are nominated in the male category while the female category is made out of Odile, Shilongoh, Zenobia Kloppers, and Elizabeth Shakuzungisa (The Third Will).

Male Actor


Visagie will likely walk away with the SYM Male Actor Award this time around. Apart from having a huge appetite for his craft, ‘Salute’ the 2017 OYO film he starred in has impressed many local and international audiences. Visagie has also made himself a household name by going on stage in drag as Tina Turner (twice), stunning audiences with his versatile abilities. Visagie also knows how to play it safe, thus making him a likable person.


I’d say NSK is in second place if Visagie were to lose ground for whatever reason. Apart from being in a couple of theatre productions between 2017 and now, especially with Molapong’s pieces at the COTA Theatre School. NSK has made an impressive debut in his first ever television advertorial. Mberi on his part has made a directorial debut at the National Theatre’s stage with ‘Tales of Roses In Concrete.’ As an actor, apart from a few appearances here and there, Mberi hasn’t been too busy in front of the screen/stage.

Female Actress


This is a juggle between Gertze and Shilongoh. However, unlike the Namibia Film and Theatre Awards, the SYMLAFA is an annual event, which makes my prediction aimed at Gertze. Gertze starred alongside Visagie in the film ‘Salute’ and stunned in theatre productions like ‘Thinning Lines’ and ‘And The Girls In Their Sunday Dresses’. If these performances are not strong enough grounds for a win, I don’t know what is. Shilongoh is the next obvious choice. For various reasons.


Also, the award is predominantly fan-voted, so I would say my first choices have a steady fan base they can count on. However, these things have a way of shaking out differently. For now, here are my Favourite Actress/Actor predictions in order of likelihood to win:

Favourite Male Actor Nominees

Adriano Visagie (To vote for him, sms ‘FMA-Adriano’ to 5001)
NSK (To vote for him, sms ‘FMA-Denzel’ to 5001)
Ashwyn Mberi (To vote for him, sms ‘FMA-Ashwyn’ to 5001)
Pummue Eiseb (To vote for him, sms ‘FMA-Pummue’ to 5001)

Favourite Female Actress Nominees
Odile Gertze (To vote for her, sms ‘FFA-Odile’ to 5001)
Nelago Shilongoh (To vote for her, sms ‘FFA-Nelago’ to 5001)
Elizabeth Shakuzungisa (To vote for her, sms ‘FFA-Elizabeth’ to 5001)
Zenobia Kloppers (To vote for her, sms ‘FFA-Zenobia’ to 5001)


SMSs charged at N$1 each

The second annual SYMLAFA will take place at the National Theatre of Namibia on 1 September 2018. Tickets to attend the event are priced at N$250, available at various Computicket outlets.