Managerial BS sinking the National Theatre of Namibia

NTN’s management has always been surrounded with drama, pun intended.

Do you ever wonder why Namibian theatre is not growing? Frankly, I don’t know but, I have some tea on the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN), and I am going to spill it:

Production Manager Resignation

The assistant producer at the National Theatre is resigning after she was suspended for two weeks. According to multiple sources, she was suspended because she used the National Theatre premises for rehearsals, without the consent of management. One of the techies is said to be the one who baited her out.

She is going to resign, even after her suspension was lifted.

See, first she was appointed as assistant producer and has since been her own production manager, or so it seems. Otherwise, it means that the General Manager of NTN, is the Production Manager. Otherwise, it would appear that the resigning assistant manager is in fact the production manager and everything production-wise runs through her. This also means that NTN would not have an assistant producer.

Personally, as much as what she is accused of is a form of corruption, I personally think she was set up to fail. I am also reliably informed that in 2017, the assistant manager kept pitching show ideas every year. Among others, the ideas she pitched include the monologue competition, which was held on World Theatre Day 2018. The other I know of is the Director’s Lab project which is set to be launched later this year… I HOPE.


So, NTN is a non-profit organisation, majorly funded by the government under the Arts and Culture ministry. Is this the reason there is so much clownery up in that joint?

Anyway, the thing with vacancies??? See, first, the Marketing Manager of NTN, resigned and NTN’s two Human Resource managers and two Finance managers couldn’t put heads together to put out a public vacancy for a new Marketing Manager. Now, I am told that the Public Relations Officer does the MM job too.

Then, recently, NTN’s newly appointed Stage Manager resigned and was instantly replaced by another. By the way, this position was not advertised either and in theatre, the Stage Manager basically runs the stage. This is not some position that should be taken lightly.

I also heard the Box Office Operator guy resigned. I don’t know, if this position has been advertised publicly and last I heard, that position is vacant and the Box Office services are currently unavailable. I don’t know man, this is a public institution, positions should be advertised. PUBLICLY.

Theatre Marketing


This is issue is very dear to me. It sucks to go to a play or put on a show and see the very few usual faces. Every director/producer hates this. If NTN strengthens it’s marketing strategy, maybe people will know what is happening in the world of theatrics and engage more in theatre. Many people I have spoken to either don’t know anything about current plays or have a general lack of interest because ‘the shows are bad. *ouch

The National Theatre plays a pivotal role in the development of theatre in Namibia. However, with this type of tomfoolery, how will it grow?

Also, NTN’s website has been inactive for as long as I remember. It’s outdated. Only recently I saw a ‘Sorry we are currently working on this site’ message. You better WERQ.

Year after year drama students are graduating and are in search of opportunities they can take up on, but there are no jobs. Why? This BULL.

NTN is a mess as we speak. Fix the house, y’all!

Anyway, I love this song:

S/O to my fellow theatre kids!


  1. Ja well, I have seen some really good shows and entertainment there, there is a email in my inbox with the heading ‘Whats On’. Maybe link up with them to get the marketing side sorted? It’s a pity, but sometimes the ministry needs to be called out on their lack of action and mismanagement.

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  2. lol, its about time that someone splits the tea on something that has been going on since forever!!!! The Theater has been ran like someone’s household, even the Board members are none existing……….Ask me I know………….


  3. The world of entertainment is changing and has been hijacked by social media, Netflix, DSTV and general human interaction.. and nobody told the NTN. However to keep up with world standards, like everything else, will take money, and tons of it….sads but true.. there is no future in theater, or can you prove me wrong?


    • Well, I believe there is and will always be future in theatre. Theatre has been part and parcel of traditional story telling for centuries. Consistent and standard theatre practice is what will keep theatre relevant. Digital storytelling can and will never be able to bring to fore what the theatre can.

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  4. NTN can give so much to our community but are non- existant at the moment and to us who just LOVE the arts and STAGE this is a tragedy. Please can someone intervene.

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