Release Date (Namibia): Fri 8 June 2018
Director: Bruce MacDonald
Starring: Jackson Rathbone, Rutger Hauer, Caitlin Leary, Lindsay Wagner, Francis Douglas, Greg Kriek, Billy Zane, Taylor James
Genre: Action, Drama
Run time: 1h50 min


Produced by Pure Flix and shot at various locations of Cape Town, ‘Samson,’ the latest cinematic incarnation of the famous Biblical story, brings to life the Old Testament hero in a more action-adventure setup than a serious biblical drama.

The average Christian who is familiar with Samson’s life will recognize many of the scenes in this movie directly from the Bible, but now with an excessive use of bloody violence.

Director Bruce Macdonald makes use of all spectacular set pieces. All the major scenes from Samson’s adult life are included in the film; his killing of a lion, his tragic marriage, his riddle, his use of foxes to burn the fields, the fight in which he killed 1,000 men, his relationship with Delilah to his capture, and death.

As Samson, Taylor James looks the part and portrays the character’s sense of inner turmoil between living the life foretold for him and his desire to make his own way. In the Bible, Samson is depicted as a not-so-good-person, but in this movie, some parts are edited out to make Samson likable.

Unlike in the Bible, Hollywood decided to give the Philistines a face in the form of Prince Rallah, played by Jackson Rathbone, who in typical antagonistic manner, taunts Samson.


Despite the clear evidence of it’s low budget resources, ‘Samson’ is a decent production. In overall, the movie has its flaws, but one can’t discount its heartfelt message of hope and deliverance, especially for faith-based audiences. The film teases a sequel in the final moments.

‘Samson’ is currently screening at Ster Kinekor, Maerua Mall, Windhoek.