Recently, I had a discussion with a close friend on actors being one dimensional. We particularly, had a difference in opinion on Comedian and Actor, Kevin Hart.


See, they said they would not sit through a Kevin Hart movie, whatever comes. This is an opinion. I can take it but I don’t necessarily agree with it.


First of all, I am not a crazy Kevin Hart fan, I don’t discard him either. Now, I believe all actors are unique, special and marketable. Mostly because they are individual beings, with unique character traits. They are human and have unique characteristics that make them different from the next person.


Imagine seeing Kevin Hart in a movie like, say ‘Kickboxer’, and he has to be constantly as serious and hard as Master Durand. I wouldn’t be sold. That’s not the Kevin Hart that I came to know. Or imagine Jean Claude Van Damme in ‘The Wedding Ringer’ as Jimmy. Same thing.


These actors have received popularity because of what they star as in the movies they play. It would suck to go to a Seth Rogen movie and his character doesn’t pull one of those comical one liners.


Working with an actor who has raw confidence in who they are and the special attributes they’re bringing to the table is so much better than working with someone who is trying to be what they think they’re supposed to be or something someone has told them they should be.


“Actor’s should be able to adapt to any character.” This is a good sentiment, if the actor doesn’t want to stand out from the rest. Remember that writers write with certain characters in mind and for the most part, our inspiration is driven from the events that happen around us or from our emotions. I feel these actors who don’t conform to one identity usually make their acting non-believable.


My point is; actors give a service. Imagine going to your favourite snack joint and not getting what you saw on that poster.



Disappointing, right?

Same thing.
Stop shamming one-dimensional actors. We got to know and love them because of the identity they have created for themselves.


Let’s look at Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor; we wouldn’t remember her if she did not always play the ‘evil stepmother who tastes the poison before poisoning her victim.’


Namibian actors, if you want to be remembered, create an identity for yourself. The ‘I can do any character’ might be good for the getting gigs last minute, but people WILL forget you.